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mystery music mates, pirating pen pals

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This is the headquarters for a 'secret-santa' type multi-genre mp3 exchange: m3p3

Important Dates:
Look out for Round 12 mid-February 2009!

Your Mods:
baseballchica03 -- email
boho -- email
juniatha -- email

Disclaimer: The m3p3 community is intended to provide music for evaluation purposes only, and we strongly encourage members to legally obtain the albums of and otherwise support the artists they discover through this community. Any illegal files should be deleted after the 24-hour evaluation period as dictated by the RIAA. The moderators of m3p3 are not responsible for the actions of community members who choose not to follow these guidelines.

This community was started and originally maintained for two years by apostrophet and celestedeloeste. It's because of their dedication and passion that m3p3 is what it is today. Thank you.